ADA Warning Tiles

Avoid the Void!

TufTile® ADA Warning Tiles feature a distinctive pattern of raised domes which provide a perceptible detection by cane or by foot warning of an impending pedestrian crossing. In accordance with ADA regulations, raised truncated domes have a diameter of nominal 0.9″, a height of nominal 0.2″, a center-to-center spacing of 1.6″ minimum and 2.4″ maximum.

ADA Warning Tiles are “created” using tiles of various sizes: 24″x36″, 24″x48″, 24″x60″, 36″x48″, or 36″x60″. Fabricated of a homogeneous glass and carbon composite which is colorfast and UV stable; standard colors include: Federal Yellow, Brick Red, Clay Red, Dark Grey and Black. Tiles are replaceable, surface mount (includes fasteners and adhesive) and cast-in-place.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) “recognizes and protects the civil rights of people with disabilities.” One sector of the ADA mandates that newly constructed pedestrian street crossings – curbs, curb ramps, blended transitions, rail crossings, medians and refuge islands – have detectable warnings for visually impaired individuals. The government also recommends retrofitting existing pedestrian street crossings wherever possible. TufTile® Polymer Warning Tiles are made of advanced proprietary polymer and are engineered with molded in-line truncated domes which are in full compliance with ADA guidelines and provide superior impact and slip resistance. TufTiles® are also highly resistant to UV rays, weather, and a wide variety of chemicals.

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  • ADA compliant for wet and dry, slip-resistant surface
  • Easy and fast installation, bilingual step-by-step installation instructions
  • Beveled edges meets “trip hazard” requirements
  • Replaceable
  • Long term durability
  • Recyclable
  • Made in USA
  • Color is continuous through the tile
  • Sizes: 2’x1’, 2’x2’, 2’x3’, 2’x4’, 2’x5
  • Polymer Colors: Yellow – FED 33538, Colonial Red – FED 20109, Brick Red – FED 22144, Safety Red – FED 31350, Dark Gray – FED 36118, Black – FED 3703
  • Cast Iron Colors: Patina – PAT, Yellow – FED 33538, Colonial Red – FED 20109, Brick Red – FED 22144, Safety Red – FED 31350, Dark Gray – FED 36118, Black – FED 3703

Made in the USA

Domestically produced iron is cast in USA to comply with all Federal, State, and local sourcing requirements for metal products – BUY AMERICAN compliant
TufTile supports all claims with sourcing and production documentation that is often required by governmental procurement departments

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