Cones, Barrels, Drums

Keep your traffic areas safe and block off potential hazards.

Our Traffic Cones, Barrels and Drums meet requirements set by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). National Highway Products distributes a large selection of Cones, Barrels, Channelizer Drums,Open, Ring and Knob Top Delineators, and Channelizer and Traffic control devices.

These cones are strong and flexible in heat or cold, resulting in a more durable cone that will stand up to the challenges of adverse weather or road conditions. The brilliant fluorescent orange color throughout is visible from any angle, day or night. Specially designed cleated base allows ease of stacking. The cones will not stick together; they’ll firmly grip the road and won’t easily be blown over and maintain their shape. We can customize any cone for you with your logo or name. Cone weights are also available in 4-1/2 lb. and 7 lb.

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