Mast Arm

Guiding motorist and keeping traffic flowing

The utilization of the brackets shown below allows for the level mounting of traffic and street signs on either straight or curved traffic pole mast arm.

For straight mast arm pole, two GS-OH-FX fixed brackets are required. For curved mast arm pole, one GS-OH-FX fixed bracket and one GS-OH-ADJ adjustable bracket are required.

The GS-OH-OFS offset safety swing arm bracket is designed for use in those intersections where the sign being attached to a straight mast arm pole is at an offset angle to the flow of traffic. The adjustability of this bracket makes it ideal for positioning the sign in any intersection.

Mast arm signs need brackets to attach them to the mast arm. These brackets are featured below and can also be found in our hardware section. The GS-OH-AD adjustable length, GS-OH-FX fixed length and GS-OH-OFS offset safety swing arm brackets all have 6061-T6 oil impregnated bronze bearings, stainless steel springs and hardware for long term durability. Detailed specifications on these brackets are available on request.

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Guide motorists and keep traffic flowing through your community with street name signs mounted on mast arms poles. Whether on a foggy, rainy night, through a blinding snow storm or during a bright, beautiful day – larger, brighter overhead street name signs offer optimal visibility and enhanced safety.

Like other street name signs, mast arm signs are fabricated to order and to FHWA specifications. For maximum effectiveness, 18” height by variable length with Type 1, Type 4, Type 9 or Type 11 reflective sheeting is recommended.

Name plates are available in several materials and finishes:

For maximum effectiveness, 18″ height by variable length with ASTM Type IV, Type IX, or Type XI reflective sheeting is recommended.



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