Two-way Radios

Be Heard and Be Secure. Made Easy With Kenwood ProTalk® Digital Radios

Why Convert to Digital?
With Kenwood ProTalk Two-Way Radios your days of static, loss of signal, and cross chatter are over! Digital radio offers an extended coverage area, superior audio clarity and increased privacy over analog radios. Kenwood makes your conversion to digital communications both affordable and easy.

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The new Kenwood ProTalk NX-240V16P and NX-340U16P portable radios can operate on both traditional analog and NXDN, an FDMA digital air interface. Because Kenwood ProTalk digital radios are dual mode, you can initially operate the radios in Analog mode, allowing for maximum usage of your current radio fleet for efficient and uninterrupted communications, then effortlessly transition to Digital on your schedule.

Key Advantages of Kenwood Dual Mode ProTalk® Digital Radios

These feature rich two-way portable radios have a 3 year radio warranty, wireless cloning and 99 pre-programmed frequencies. These radios are capable of dual mode operations in analog (12.5 kHz) or digital (6.25 kHz), have 16 channels, and 5 watts of power. The AMBE+2 voice coding technology drowns out background noise while focusing on voice, for the best possible audio in any work situation.

ProTalk® Analog/Digital Features

  • 5 Watts of Power for Increased Coverage
  • 16 Channel Models (2 Digital Zones 16 x 2 = 32 channels)
  • Dual Mode: 12.5kHz Analog or 6.25kHz Digital
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty
  • 99 UHF & 27 VHF User-Programmable Memory Bank Frequencies
  • Channel Number Voice Announcement (Dealer option)
  • Wireless Cloning Mode
  • Loud 1 Watt Audio Speaker
  • Programmable QT(39 + 6) /DQT(168 + 6) Per Channel from Bank or
  • 64 (RAN) Radio Access Numbers
  • VOX (Voice-activated transmit) with Audio Accessory
  • Channel Scan
  • Super Lock
  • Zone and Channel Confirmation Mode
  • Meets 11 Tests for Ruggedness: MIL-STD 810 C, D, E, F & G, IP54, IP55
  • Die-Cast Chassis
  • Polycarbonate Case/Weather-Sealed Construction
  • Four Color LED
  • Time Out Timer
  • Up to 12 Li-Ion Hours (Battery Save on) Talk Time (5/5/90 Duty Cycle)
  • Low Battery Alert
  • All Reset Mode
  • FCC License Required