Roadside markers help identify changes in road alignment or confined turns.

Delineators / reflectors are very powerful guidance devices used to alert pedestrians, motorists and drivers to create border limits to prevent injuries during the night and adverse weather conditions. Delineators are commonly called reflectors and come in various colors, foundations, sheeting’s and height choices. Delineators can be barrier mounted, ground mounted or surfaced mounted. National Highway offers a range of high-quality delineators and reflectors with a variety of customizable options for your needs. They’re durable, versatile, and additionally and cost-effective to install and maintain.

The color of delineators shall comply with the color of edge lines stipulated in Section 3B.06

Guide Rail & Barrier Mount Delineators
Barrier mounts, guide rail reflectors and delineators are beneficial at locations such as lane-reduction transitions and curves and provide effective guidance at night and during adverse weather conditions. Hydrant, Utility Line and Snow Pole Markers are used to identify objects in high grass and snow. There are many styles to choose from to suit every application. Specify options when ordering.

Ground Mount Delineators
Ground mount, flexible, fiberglass reinforced composite utility marker posts and highway delineators are designed to withstand multiple vehicle impacts and return to an upright position. Fiberglass is naturally rust, rot and corrosion resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures making it the ideal material for marker and delineator applications.

Surface Mount Delineators and Channelizers
Surface mount delineators and channelizers reduce maintenance costs and increase visibility and safety. Pexco’s Roadside Delineator Posts are made from our HDPE plastic, and are the quick, maintenance-free solution for better driver awareness. Roadside Delineator posts can be placed at critical points along roadways at winding curves, near intersections, and at on-and-off ramps to identify safety hazard areas.

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