TraffiCalm SA-FR 1184 Fire Station

Traffic control begins at the fire station
SA-FR 1184 is a sign enhancement device utilized by fire stations to engage and forewarn drivers prior to the first responders call-to-action and departure for an emergency response. The device initiates an immediate activation of LED enhanced flashers permanently mounted and networked together on Fixed Warning Signs at or near the ingress / egress to the Fire Station

> SA-FR operates within a wireless network
> Easy installation
> Remote connectivity
> TC Connect WiFi compatible
> 20W solar kit included
> A/C option available
> Retrofit existing signs and infrastructure
> Warning signs available
> 30” or 36” LED Flasher Rings included
> 5-Year warranty
> Flasher Rings and flash rates are MUTCD compliant
> Flasher Ring confirmation LED located on remote and wall mounted activator