Directional Led Signs

Directional LED signs warn motorists of changing road conditions.

Directional LED blank-out lane control signs communicate traffic pattern changes. These blank-out signs can be used to alert motorists to reversible lane changes or warn them of a closed roadway or approaching turn restriction (No Left Turn).

Our LED changeable lane control signs can be engineered with a single message that illuminates when activated and blanks out (disappears) when deactivated. When signs are designed with multiple messages in a single sign, the messages can be engineered to display individually like the red X, amber X and green arrow reversible lane signs used in a reversible lane system. The LED sign message can be words, symbols or both and can be designed to MUTCD LED layout guidelines. Our lane control signals and signs can be engineered to flash, display the messages in a specific sequence or be operated by an external device.

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These directional LED signs withstand harsh weather and high vibratory conditions. Narrow-angled LEDs and photodimming are available for maximum visibility in all lighting conditions.

PHX Series: Outdoor, Blank-out LED Backlit Signs
The PHX Series LED sign is designed with high-intensity, LED backlit illumination and a block letter-style message face. The sign
message illuminates when turned on and blanks out or disappears when off. PHX Series LED signs are guaranteed readable in
direct sunlight.

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