SafePath Wrong Way Driving Technology

In response to the increase in accidents & fatalities caused by wrong-way driving on US freeways, thermal detection technology has been selected by more DOT’s and Tollway Authorities than any other technology to date due to it’s accuracy and proven track record to protect both wrong-way drivers and right of way drivers. An Effective wrong-way system goes well beyond an initial detection by responding with real time countermeasures to protect the surrounding public and by providing authorities with quick interception data and methods when seconds count.

Enhanced Agency Benefits

Comprehensive Detection Systems:

Full of ramp detection – Utilizes patented sensor collaboration to stop wrong-way drivers before they enter the freeway.
Full mainline detection – Monitors any wrong-way vehicle on the roadway, enhancing protection for oncoming traffic.

Unparalleled Accuracy and Reliability:

Highest Detection Accuracy – Industry-leading accuracy in detecting wrong-way drivers in all weather and road conditions, with a flawless detection record to date.
Lowest False Alarm – Industry-leading in minimizing false alarms, essential for accurate data providing to Traffic Operation Centers (TOC)/Traffic Management Centers (TMC).

Advanced Countermeasures and Control:

Dynamic Message Signs (DMS) Integration -Access and control DMS to display pre-determined messages to the public.
Ramp Meter Control – Manage ramp meters to prevent oncoming traffic from entering the freeway during an incident.
Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) Alerts – Provide authorities with ETA to the next ramp/mile marker, based on the wrong-way vehicle’s speed.

Extensive Connected Vehicle Integration:

Broad CV2-X Compatibility – Largest integration with connected vehicle technology to date.
Citizen Alerts – Integration with agency-provided phone applications for real-time public notifications.


Public Safety Features

Public Alert Systems:

Dynamic Message Signs (DMS) Management – Control DMS to broadcast important messages to the public in real-time.
Ramp Metering – Adjust ramp meters to control traffic flow in response to emergencies.

Proactive Traffic Management

Real-Time ETA Information – Offer authorities real-time ETA predictions for emergency response based on wrong-way vehicle speeds.

Advanced Vehicle Integration:

Comprehensive CV2-X Integration – Extensive compatibility with connected vehicle technologies for improved safety notifications.
Public Notifications Systems – Utilize agency-specific applications to alert the public during wrong-way driving incidents.



Thermal Cameras

General Overview:
The Teledyne Traf Sense cameras are the most accurate wrong-way and queue detection sensors on the market today. All together, Teledyne’s Traf Sense cameras represent over 80% of the wrong way market in North America due to the accuracy of the algorithms within each camera to filter non wrong way events. Traf Sense AI is trusted by over 20+ DOT’s across North America to keep their roads safe.

One Teledyne Traf Sense 645 and one Traf Sense 632 are needed for a complete system.
645 – Alert Camera up to 245 ft.
632 – Confirmation camera up to 400 ft.


General Overview:
The intelligent Wrong Way Controller is the core of the TraffiCalm® Wrong Way Warning + Notification System and is the “brain” of the system. The controller takes inputs from multiple vehicle sensors and applies our patented collaborative algorithms for the fastest and most accurate wrong-way detection in the industry, virtually eliminating false alarms.

The Wrong Way Controller is able to manage multiple detection, warning, and notification zones. The controller also sends wireless commands through a mesh net radio communications system to activate collaborators and flashing warning signs.

One to three cameras can be added to the controller to monitor wrong way traffic. The system records the pre- and post-event videos and will send text and email notifications with a clip of the videos of the wrong-way event.


General Overview:
Designed to LED enhance any existing or new R5-1a WRONG WAY road signage. Engineered to provide ease of installation, unmistakable visibility under any conditions, and intuitive driver calming beyond that of just reflective sheeting.

TraffiCalm® is unmatched in our dedication to advancing road safety. Our Flashing Sign Systems provide clear and proven modernized traffic signs that remain fully compliant with the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).

The Wrong Way Flashing LED Ring is typically a critical component when utilizing TraffiCalm® Wrong Way Detection and Warning Systems that are triggered by collaborative multi-radar detection but can also operate 24/7 or per a schedule. The Flashing Sign Systems are AC or solar powered, have hassle-free installation, a retrofit design for existing signage, and wireless communication features.


General Overview:
One Teledyne Traf Sense 632 is recommended every 1/2-1 mile across the mainline of freeways for continuous monitoring and tracking of wrong way drivers. Understanding where the driver is at all times is critical to a command/control system to properly notify the public.

One Teledyne Traf Sense 362 is recommended every 1/201 miles across the mainline.


General Overview:
SafePath™ is our central alerting and command/control software for wrong way detection systems and queue detection systems. The Central SafePath™ Software is recommended to be loaded onto an agency provided server. SafePath™ also has the option to be hosted in a cloud environment if preferred.

The SafePath ITS wrong-way detection system is the first to go beyond detection; it automates countermeasures to protect oncoming traffic. Countermeasures warn the traveling public of the potential hazard, and assist authorities to quickly intercept the driver traveling in the wrong direction.


General Overview:
SafePath™ offers two types of pole options when an agency is not providing themselves.

Typical of ramp system consists of 4 poles and bases, as well as applicable mounting solutions. 1 detection pole and 3 warning poles spaced strategically by our engineering professionals based on ramp geometry specific to your project needs.



General Overview:
Today Applied Information holds the patent and integration rights to many connected vehicle options to warn right of way drivers about potential upcoming wrong way drivers. Through their integration with Waze, Stellantis vehicles (Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler, Alpha Romeo, Fiat, etc…) and direct to agency provided citizen phone application, Applied Information can notify your surrounding public in real time (sub250ms) of the potential dangers ahead.

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